Winter Trailer Hauling

If you don’t plan on winterizing your trailer this snow season and instead want to use it to tow snowmobiles and hit the slopes, here are some Stealth Trailer Safety Tips on how to properly tow your trailer during the winter: Check your vehicle before towing! Make sure you know the ins and outs of […]

How to Store Your Trailer in the Winter

Before storing your trailer for the winter, your trailer needs to be winterized. Check out Stealth Trailer’s tips to winterize your trailer before storing your trailer for winter. After you’ve winterized your trailer, here are some Stealth approved options on properly storing a trailer during the winter: Rent a storage unit, or store your Stealth […]

How to Winterize your Stealth Nomad Trailer

Don’t forget to winterize your trailer this year to help ensure that you get years more of reliability out of it! Here are some tips from Stealth Trailers on the process of winterizing your trailer this year: Drain the fresh water tank and empty any open low point drains. Turn off your electric water heater […]

How to Clean a Snowmobile

Tired of dirt, salt, and grime on your snowmobile? Stealth Trailers has put together the perfect step-by-step process on how to clean your snowmobile! By cleaning and performing maintenance on your snowmobile, you will prolong the life of the sled. Start by degreasing under the hood by spraying an engine degreaser such as Simple Green […]

Stealth Thank You For Serving Campaign Ends Today

“Thank You for Serving” campaign that supported armed service veterans and first responders with free T-shirts and discounted optional equipment at all our dealerships across the United States ends today. This campaign that we kicked off at the 2019 North American Trailers Dealers Association (NATDA) Trade Show & Convention has been more successful than we ever […]