Before storing your trailer for the winter, your trailer needs to be winterized. Check out Stealth Trailer’s tips to winterize your trailer before storing your trailer for winter. After you’ve winterized your trailer, here are some Stealth approved options on properly storing a trailer during the winter:

  • Rent a storage unit, or store your Stealth Trailer in a garage or barn if you have access to enough space. This is the safest option as it provides your Stealth Trailer with full protection from the outside elements and any harsh weather and temperatures.
  • If a storage unit or large garage space aren’t options for you, you can purchase an RV cover to prevent snow or ice buildup from accumulating on the unit’s exterior, as well as melting water from seeping into the seams and between panels. Make sure you clean and dry the exterior of your trailer before applying the cover, and have a friend or family member help with the process to ensure that the cover is put on correctly to avoid it coming off.
  • The last option is to simply maintain your trailer in the winter yourself! If you are unable to purchase a cover or storage space, you can protect your unit yourself by regularly removing any snow or ice from it manually. This won’t protect your trailer from any other extreme winter weather, but it will prevent any denting on your trailer’s roof from excess snow and ice.

For tips about how to maintenance your trailer, snowmobile, and other various topics, check out Stealth Trailer’s other blog posts!

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