Don’t forget to winterize your trailer this year to help ensure that you get years more of reliability out of it! Here are some tips from Stealth Trailers on the process of winterizing your trailer this year:

  • Drain the fresh water tank and empty any open low point drains.
  • Turn off your electric water heater and drain any excess water from it.
  • Remove any other excess water from the trailer.
  • Remove any filter you have and install a filter bypass to prevent antifreeze from ruining it.
  • Add antifreeze to your trailer – make sure you use RV antifreeze!
  • Turn your waterheater on to the bypass position and fill it with antifreeze.
  • Move antifreeze through the rest of your trailer – this includes the including the city water fill and black tank rinse.
  • Make sure the tires rest on plywood or stone and not the ground.
  • Clean all sinks, tubs, and showers to prevent staining!

For a detailed description of the winterizing process, click here.

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