• Apache

    Yeah, we ride sleds. That’s why the facts point to a better, more thought-out snowmobile trailer. More room for securing and riding in/out, rugged construction, smart aesthetics, snowmobiler-friendly standards and options, and Stealth’s quality reputation is what you’ll be riding on.

  • Blackhawk I

    Our steel framed version of a turn-key motorcycle trailer. Whether you’re a street rider, off-roader, racer or player; Stealth knows what you need. We’re riders too. Doesn’t matter if two wheels or four, your stuff looks great. So why shouldn’t you haul in the best styled, most functional, highest-rated trailer on the market? Let’s go!

  • Blackhawk II

    Our aluminum framed version of the Blackhawk carries all of the same characteristics as our steel model but with corrosion resistance of an all aluminum tube frame construction. Stealth trailers get noticed on the highways. And you’ll notice the difference when comparing standard and optional features and value for the price.

  • Cobra

    Aluminum advantages go beyond smooth styling. Rugged construction, corrosion-free materials, precise workmanship and more add up to a stunning auto hauler. From high-mileage professionals to weekend warriors, you’ll find more value with a Stealth Cobra.

  • Diamondback

    Why do aluminum cargo trailers have to be expensive? They’re not with Stealth and our impressive Diamonback series. All of the advantages of aluminum, like rust-free construction, durability and higher resale value are yours. Compare our list of superior standard features.

  • Hercules

    Custom made for race teams, snowbirds, hobbyists or anyone hauling multiple cars or needing a garage away from home, we make your perfect trailer. Each Hercules model stacker is handmade to higher specs. Trust the leading name in trailers to get you there.

  • Liberty

    Our most versatile line of cargo trailers. Liberty models come in traditional round top, round top wedge and flat top wedge models. All tube construction make the Liberty (and Liberty Limited) models the best choice for landscape, construction, concession, vendor and any other heavy rugged use or commercial applications.

  • Mustang

    Some would call Mustang “entry-level” because of its price. We’ve added features and value that make this cargo series a top performer. Compare feature-for-feature and you’ll see that a Stealth Mustang is a fighter. Good looks, rugged construction, backed by an industry leader!

  • Phantom I

    The Phantom I series is designated as our auto hauler line. The larger sizes are capable of transporting full size automobiles, while shorter sizes units are ideal for smaller vehicles. Tie-downs, side ramps, or flooring options are available to meet your needs. Trust your auto hauling to Stealth’s reputation for quality.

  • Phantom II

    Great looks and function without the high price of some all-aluminum open trailers. That’s what you’ll find with Phantom II, our cargo utility models designed for a variety of rugged hauling uses. Sturdy construction, lightweight and easy to tow, Stealth provides a 3 year warranty to keep you rolling down the road.

  • Predator

    Look no further for a turn-key snowmobile trailer. Predator models look better and last longer. They come in a variety of sizes for 2-place, 4- or even 6-place hauling.

  • Raptor

    Leading in style and quality, our Raptor gooseneck models give you a wide variety of sizes and towing capacity along with a big list of better standard features. The Raptor gooseneck model comes standard as a flat roof with tapered front upper deck to allow for short-bed trucks to pull without worry. All tube frame construction allows for worry-free hauling of your precious cargo. The Raptor gooseneck is the best built model of its type in the market.

  • Reaper

    Car hauling on a budget? Don’t fear, our Reaper auto hauler line is your answer. Built on Stealth’s great reputation for quality and good looks, Reaper models deliver high-end features like torsion axles and white lined walls and ceiling standard. Car hauling value starts here!

  • Titan

    Remember the Titans? You will if you haul cargo with a Stealth Titan commercial-quality trailer. Everything about this top-of-our-model-line product will impress you. Compare feature-for-feature to the competition and you’ll see how we crush them.

  • Viper

    Whether you’re a race team, hobbyist, or just want to haul your car in style, the Viper series has the premium features and styling you’re looking for in an auto hauler. Standard features include the signature spread-axle design, exterior rear aero flare for sleek appearance and an all tube frame construction.

NOTE: Stealth Enterprises, LLC reserves the right to make changes to product offerings without notice or obligation. Standard equipment, options, specifications, materials, and other items listed on websites and printed materials are accurate at time of publication. Some photographs may show optional items available at additional cost. Some specifications listed may be estimates. Consult your local authorized Stealth Trailer dealer for the most updated models, specifications and pricing.